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Dear Friend,
Welcome to the renewed Metroticket website!

The four icons on the left side of the screen are your entry menu. Before explaining the various options let us first remind you that this project, endorsed by ELITA and ILTS was proposed at the ILTS meeting in 2005 as a web based survey collecting data of patients transplanted outside the Milan Criteria, with the aim of exploring the vast area outside these boundaries. We thought that this was the only way of collecting big numbers for a robust statistical analysis.
As you may already know we have collected over 1000 patients in the last two years and the results have been published in the paper (***).
The final result is the Metroticket calculator, an easy and tricky way of predicting the 5 yr survival of any given patient an the basis of morphological and biological characteristics: size of the total nodules, size of the largest nodule and vascular invasion if available.

The calculator will give you an exact estimation of survival prediction and will also tell you where your patients fits on an “HCC weather forecast chart”: the blue zone is synonymous of good weather and therefore good survival while the red zone of bad weather and therefore of poor prognosis.
If you wish to, the 5-yr survival, together with the “HCC weather forecast chart” may be downloaded and filed.
To enter the Metroticket calculator please click on the affresco of the church of Santa Maria Novella.

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The website has also been studied to collect new cases that will add value to the ongoing results and that will be included in new prospective studies on the topic.
If you would like to participate to our new studies, please click on the following icon

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Register with our webmaster and get you access profile for loading in your out-of-criteria cases.

The website will also provide you with the complete bibliography on the extension of the Milan Criteria. Just click on the following icon an you will find the pdf links to the most prestigious papers on the topic.

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You may click the following entry icon if you are curious to know something more about our group. A quick overview on who we are and of what our every day mission is.

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