The present Metroticket calculator is based on a survey collecting more than 1200 HCCs transplanted outside the Milan/Unos Criteria.

The system will calculate the 3 and 5 year predicted survival of a given patient with HCC undergoing liver transplantation.

The model is based on morphological characteristics of the tumor:
1. size of the major nodule
2. number of HCC nodules

Please fill in your data regarding these parameters and press the calculate button.

The forecast predicting overall survivals will appear in the page that follows. You can then carry on and observe changes in the 5-yr forecast whether or not vascular invasion is present in the given tumor.

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The calculator is now ready to start!
Size of the largest nodule:
Number of nodules:

The model does not accept more than ten nodules or nodules bigger than 10 cm, as not sufficiently accurate